In order for a student to apply for this scholarship, the Sun Coast Cruisers Member (Parent, Guardian, or Grandparent) must have this form completed and returned to the Scholarship Committee Chairman postmarked no later than March 31 of the year the student is to graduate from high school.

There are several items of importance that must be included with the application. They are as follows:

  • This complete form
  • A letter of acceptance from the school where the student will be attending after graduating from high school.
  • A recent picture, (suggest a senior yearbook picture or the equivalent)
  • A typed essay (Equivalent of two typewritten pages, double-spaced) Describing an experience the student has had with the sponsor (Sun Coast Cruisers Member) that has encouraged them to pursue the field of higher education. Explain how the student anticipates that higher education will influence their life in the future?