The following is a current list of members who have paid their dues and are full members of the Sun Coast Cruisers. Founding Members status highlighted in blue.

Altman, David and Jennifer

Babson, Hazel

Baird, Andy

Berndt, Ray and Susie

John & Corine Borowiak

Cambron, Tom and Betsy

Canady, Joe and Shelby

Canady, Roger

Canning, Tim and Amie

Carter, David

Carton, Gary and Sue

Chestnut, Donald and Janet

Clark, Stephen and Darcie

Czepiel, Joe and Eva

Craven, David and Margaret

Davis, Hal and Della

DeLuca, Matt

Diaz, Luis and Anabel

Donahue, Tom

Edwards, John and Mary

Funke, Robin and Kathy

Garra, Bob and Linda

Girolami, Robert and Carey

Larry Gortman & Sandi Baity

Jamie Kilgore

Harriott, John and Teila

Hughes, Richard and Janet

Jackson, Bobby and Gail

Jarrell, Billy and Louise

Jolly, Aaron and Sara

Jolly, Dickie and Sheri

Kepler, Ken and Irene

Krieger, Chip and Pat

Lawhorne, Butch and Debbie

Lane, Mary

Layne, Harold

Leonard, Gene and Brenda

Lewins, Randy

Long, George and Phyllis

Lurie, Rob and Martha

Male, Tom and Arlene

Malpass, William and Sandra

Mathews, Brian and Katie

Mathews, Jimmy and Judy

Maurer, Alyce

McCourt, John and Pat

McDonald, Margie

McFarland, Richard and Paula

McKinney, Rafe and Carolyn

McQueen, Gwen and Bill

Meredith, James and Nell

Miller, Gary

Moore, David and Jane

Moore, George and Patsy

Morello, Jack and Jackie

Morton, Bill and Barbara

Mosca, Deborah and Parrish, Rob

Novarro, Gerald and Lisa

Pardue, David and Donna

Parrish, Rob and Mosca, Deborah

Podkova, Gene  & Pat Hora

Potter, Anne and Monroe

Powell, Billy and Peggy

Powell, Rick and Alesia

Price, Jack and Barbara

Raia, John and Susan

Raynor, Bob and Penny

Reynolds, Kevin and Ashley

Reynolds, Mike and Lee

Rigg, Roger and Susan

Sarvis, Billy and Patsy

Smith, Irving and Jannette

Smith, Leon and Awilda

Sosebee, Donna

Spataro, Tony and Maureen

Squires, Donnie and Kathy

St. James, Cyd

Stevens, Sarah, Lori and Bobby

Stiver, David and Mary Kay

Sullivan, Dennis and Diane

Switzer, George and Linda

Thomas, Andy

Vann, Herb and Dolores

Vogt, Ken and Joanne

Walker, Doug and Sue

Walsh, Richard and Kathy

Ward, Tim

Watson, Ebern Jr., and Cindy

Weber, Roger and Laura

Wefing, Ron

Woodcock, Kirt and Monica Miller