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our “Leaders of the Pack”

Like any organization, it takes special people to step up and take on the duties needed to run the organization. The Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and President. Along with the Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons, at times it seems to be a thankless job. We have been lucky to have amazing people at the wheel guiding us up the steep hills, down through the valleys and around the sharp turns. Here is the list of our Past Presidents, the “Leaders of The Pack” who took control of the wheel over the past two decades.


Hal Davis: 2001

Joe Canady: 2003- 2006

John McCourt: 2012

Billy Powell: 2015

Tim Ward: 2018-2019

John Harriott: 2022-2023

Shelby Canady: 2002

Billy Powell: 2007-2011

Joe Canady: 2013-2014

John Harriott: 2016-2017

Billy Powell: 2020-2021

Ronnie Brinkley: 2024-

Vice Presidents

  • Donald Chestnutt – 2001
  • Sheri Jolly – ?? – 2023
  • Chris Hoffman – 2024
  • Sandy Parker – ?

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