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PURPOSE – The primary purpose of the Selena Marie Bonham Scholarship Fund (SMBSF) is to provide limited funds toward improving the educational and cultural development of the children and grandchildren of members of the Sun Coast Cruisers. The SMBSF will award financial aid only to qualified high school graduates who are children or grandchildren of members of the Sun Coast Cruisers that pursue higher education by attending a trade school, college or university.

If you feel you qualify for the scholarship and would like to take advantage of the program please use the application button below to fill out the application, once complete following the instruction regarding how to mail it to the scholarship committee.

STUDENT ELIGIBILITY – Student may receive a one-time distribution of funds, amount to be determined by the Scholarship committee each year. There is no set amount available for distribution, funding will be decided by amounts available with a minimum distribution of $250 for trade school, $350 for a two-year college, $450 for a four-year college or university. There is no limit on the amount of scholarships awarded each year.

APPLICATION PROCESS – Through information appearing in Sun Coast Cruisers publications, electronic and other media, students related to any parent, grandparent, or legal guardian in their final year of high school are advised to submit an application to the Sun Coast Cruisers. Applicants must submit a formal application. Completed applications must be postmarked before March 31, to be received between April 1 and May 15 for consideration for the next academic year.

Application needs it include:

  • Students Name:
  • Phone:
  • Street Address:
  • City, State, ZIP:
  • High School:
  • Essay: (Equivalent of two typewritten pages, double-spaced) Describe an experience you have had with your sponsor (Sun Coast Cruisers Member) that has encouraged you to pursue the field of higher education. How do you anticipate that your education will influence your life in the future?

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES – SMBSF assigns specific responsibilities to each recipient. Failure to comply with all requirements will result in cancellation of the application. Responsibilities include:

  • The student must provide proof of enrollment at an approved trade school, college or university. Proof must be in written form issued by the institution.
  • Each recipient is required to provide a glossy finish photograph (head shot). This will be used for Sun Coast Cruiser publications. The photograph is required to be attached to the application.
  • Each scholarship recipient is required to write to the Sun Coast Cruisers at least once during their first year to share their education experience (a short story), suggest it be comical in nature. This material may be published in any of the Sun Coast Cruiser publications.

SELECTION PROCESS – The SMBSF Scholarship Committee receives, evaluates, and recommends action based upon selected criteria: name of selected trade school, college or university and major academic field of study, relationship to Sun Coast Cruisers member, location of home, and recommendations from school, church and/or civic representatives. The Executive Board will evaluate each applicant according to the following criteria and applicants will be placed in order of rank.

  • Name of selected trade school, college or university
  • Major academic field of study
  • Relationship to sun coast cruisers member
  • Location of home
  • Recommendations from school, church and/or civic representatives

HISTORY – The SMBSF was founded in 2001. It serves to remember Selena Marie Bonham who died in an automobile accident on her way home from high school on March 15, 2000. Selena was never able to fulfill her dreams of higher education, however, this scholarship will allow her to share her dream with other students.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE – The Scholarship Committee provides leadership and support to SMBSF. Candidates for the committee are to be active members of the Sun Coast Cruisers and will be appointed by the new president each year. Term of office is one year, extending from January through December 31; a member may be appointed for additional years. The Scholarship Committee consists of at least three, but not more than five members. No committee member shall participate during any year where he/she may have a student eligible for this scholarship; this will eliminate any possible conflict of interests. No member of the Scholarship Committee shall receive any compensation from the organization. All services or work associated with SMBSF are strictly voluntary.

FUND RAISING – In order to provide support for this scholarship, financial contributions are obtained by the Sun Coast Cruisers Car Club through fundraisers, personal contributions and organizations who share a common bond. The Scholarship Committee will assess the best method to invest these funds to grow for the benefit of the scholarship. This appointed committee would also manage the distribution of these funds.

MEETINGS – Any Sun Coast Cruiser member may attend Scholarship Committee meetings, which are held twice a year or as additional meetings, are needed. The location of meetings rotates throughout the year.

EXIT PLAN – In the event the Sun Coast Cruisers is dissolved; the remaining funds in the scholarship fund cannot be dispersed without the approval of the parents of Selena Marie Bonham. In the event of their death the funds must be offered to the Pender High School in memory of Selena Marie Bonham and the school shall be requested to place a plaque in her memory somewhere on the school grounds.

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