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The SUN COAST CRUISERS Car Club purpose shall be social in nature, in order to help fellow car enthusiasts become better acquainted with each other and the automotive events around the area.

All new members will participate in a 60-day probationary period and should attend at least one business meeting. If no issues or concerns are introduced to the “Executive Board” during the probationary period, and no action is necessary, the probation will end, and the “probationary status” will automatically change to full membership.

Annual dues shall be payable in advance of the beginning of the membership year, which starts in December 1 and ends on November 30 of the following year, or, when applying for membership. New membership applications that are received between September 1 and November 1 will have the normal membership fee reduced to $15.00. They will then be required to meet the financial obligation of $25.00 dues after December 1 for the coming year. Membership applications received between November 2 through November 30 will be required to pay the full $25.00 fee and will receive credit for the coming year membership fee. If membership is denied the full amount provided with the candidates application will be returned immediately.

All moneys collected by the membership, including dues, collection for coffee, foods etc, and meeting room space, shall be spent only on behalf of the total membership. All satellite groups or private meetings will be expected to carry their own expenses.

Membership will be terminated automatically for those members whose dues are not paid by January 31st. In order to rejoin members must still pay the full yearly dues.

Members must abide by the rules of the road as determined by NC state, Federal, and local laws when attending any club function. Members are to preserve the reputation of the Sun Coast Cruisers.

If any member presents an issue or concern to the “Executive Board” in writing during the 60-day probationary period, the ““Executive Board and Membership Committee” will take necessary action. The “Executive Board and Membership Committee” will review the material presented and if the concerns/issues are deemed to have merit, the issue could be discussed and voted on by the general membership without the candidate present.

Any member may file written charges against another member for consideration by the membership. The written charges will be delivered to the president. The president will appoint three members from the general membership to review each case and report to the membership their findings and recommendation. The membership will discuss and vote upon each matter. Individuals involved in the charges will be allowed to address the membership before a final vote is taken. They may be removed from the meeting unless asked to stay by the president to address any questions from the floor. The decision of the membership is final. Each case will be resolved at the meeting following the charges or a maximum of 45 days.

Vehicles participating in club events must follow strict safety guidelines such as cruising or shows. Motorcycles and scooters will not be allowed to participate in these events.

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