Music: “Long Lonesome Highway”

The SUN COAST CRUISERS Car Club purpose shall be social in nature, in order to help fellow car enthusiasts become better acquainted with each other and the automotive events around the area.

All applicants for membership will participate in a 30-day probationary period. If no issues or concerns are introduced to the “Executive Board” during the probationary period, no action is necessary, the probation will end, and the “probationary status” will automatically change to full membership.

Following the probationary period, the new member shall attend a regular Sun Coast Cruisers business meeting to be recognized as a new member, attend mandatory onboarding orientation, pay annual dues of $25 and be added to the club membership roster.

Vehicles participating in club events must follow strict safety guidelines such as cruising or shows. Motorcycles and scooters will not be allowed to participate in these events.

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